A hAngol története

Summer of 2008

  • So, are you willing to teach Sári or not? I would really like you to have some English lessons with her too.- said Kriszta after an English lesson
  • Are you serious? Me? Heck no.- I replied quite explicitly.
  • But, why not? You’ve been teaching for ages…She is only 5, I am sure it wouldn’t be an issue for you.
  • Sorry Kriszta, but I do not work with kids. It is a completely different agenda, I have never done this before. You have to play and sing with them. The same way as they learn their 1st language. No..I’d rather stick to adults. I can do the good old grammar business with them 🙂 But, if I have kids, maybe I’ll see it from a different perspective and I’ll give it another thought. I promise, I’ll let you know 🙂

Summer of 2018

Dear Kriszta,

Although, Sári is 15 years old by now, and most probably she might have already taken her language exam as well, I keep my promise and I would like to let you know that I gave it a try 🙂 Yes, I started to work with kids too. And the way I do it is exactly what I said 10 years ago. No grammar or dictionaries! We just play. There is no “strict” teaching, but we sing, we play with puppets, we jump and move and the most important thing is: WE ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME!! The only twist is that we do all these things in English. And you know what? They enjoy it! And the best thing is that I probably enjoy it more than they do 🙂

Since the spring of 2015, I see everything through “Moms’ glasses”. I play and sing in English with my sons a lot. And it is really working! nThe main aim is not making them speak perfect English, NO!! but to make them more attuned to the language and help them to get to like it. So in 10 years they don’t panic when they hear English sentences. The language will sound familiar and the words can ring a bell. So what we do at my classes is just tuning to English 🙂

I hope, you are doing good as well. If you feel like coming to one of my concerts, I would be really happy to see you there with your family.


About me

Sunday afternoon, it is Mothers day...

my Mom is sitting on one the seats of the church too…My Dad is accompanying me on the piano…I’m singing…just as I have done it so many times before. Hmm..but why is everyone crying now? I thought they would love it… okay then….I think It’s better I cry too… As I am only 3 years old.

Wednesday afternoon 5 o’clock...

We are waiting with my friends from kindergarten…so we can finally start the class… I hope we’ll sing that funny song again… I don’t really get the lyrics, but anyhow I really love that song. Something like “hedensholders ende neezentoz”  It is hilarious… I sing it a lot at home too.

We are waiting at the airport.

They will be here any minute! They are here from Vancouver!! I am so excited, and I really hope I will remember the sentences I practised! ( Welcome! It is so nice to finally meet you.) Anyhow..they speak a little Hungarian as well.. And what if I make a mistake? Who cares! It is all in the family 🙂 It is not the English class in the school.

There are around 2000 people here at the youth conference...

Wow! I am so so nervous! I have never sung in front of so many people….It’s okay…everything will be just fine….It might not be the perfect singing, but what I want them is to feel what I feel during singing. And what it is like to be on stage when you are 15? Indescribably cool.

I already have my luggage with me...

I can finally meet them. I have my invitation letter and the photo of the family. I’m sure I’ll recognise them. I am really nervous…It is gonna be all right. Although, they do not speak any Hungarian, and on the top of all that they have this accent from Manchester, but finally I can put in use what I have been learning in the past 17 years. And the best thing is that I can earn a bit of money as well.

I need to hurry to the printing office...

Unbelievable…It’s done. Let’s check it the very last time…title and everything is on place. “The role of music in teaching English as a foreign language” In a couple of months I will be a graduate as well. Let the real life begin 🙂

My family and my friends are in front of me…

It is time for my annual concert again…the whole night is only mine. It is snowing outside…Xmas is coming. I’m not nervous at all. Everyone is here, because they love me. Nothing is at stake…It’s not about meeting expectations or wanting to win a competition. I’m only doing what I love the most: I ‘M SINGING!

I am over a lot of lessons in language schools ...

…interviews…exams…overtime in offices etc. But now, here are the little ones in front of me. My elder son is among them. The younger is under my heart, listening to the very first hAngol class. I am nervous, as if I had never given a lesson before or sung in front of anyone. This is different…very different…as I finally feel I found what I’ve been looking for.

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