My whole world has been unfairly turned upside down within an instant. My day started as many other days. It was a sunny Tuesday. I was teaching one of my kindergarten classes. We were having the best time. We were singing, dancing, jumping and having so much fun!

Filled with joy and excitement, I got home and opened a new email I had just received. 

At that very moment I did not know that it was my official invitation letter for my own cyber funeral. In two seconds I was already holding my ashes in my hands. No memorial or sign, over my “head”..there was no time for that…only memories…and big question marks! When will the sweet families of my students notice I am gone? 

My account had been ruthlessly hacked and the picture with the awful content posted under my name executed my personal profile immediately along with my business profile…

Melinda Szolga-Tóth and the hAngol got killed in no time as if they both had never existed…. Hopelessly, terminally in the most unfair way…

It is “only” 3 years of work…”only” a small business…”only” 2000 followers… much bigger companies suffer much more serious damages…

BUT this little business is MINE!!!

hAngol is my third child and has been brought up beside my two little boys. Lots of work, sacrifices, sleepless nights are behind these 2000 followers/many groups/events/videos/pictures etc.

So far, all legal claims have been declined by facebook…this company is not interested in justice…Only automation…no human or business rights… No ears have been listening to my voice and this injustice… If I do not get my account back, it means NO ONE AND NO ONE’S BUSINESS PROFILE IS SAFE. My security settings were spot on, I had the 2FA set as well. I got the email that someone was trying to reset my password…I reported it…I reset my password I followed the steps of FB to claim immediately that it was not me who posted that violating

 content… Still, it was not enough… Facebook not just turned their back to a business client, but gave a standing ovation to this unbelievably unfair cyber funeral.